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Let Leslie Pierce be your biggest asset.

Before Leslie began her career as a sales executive nine years ago, she spent twenty years as an escrow officer and manager. Her acquired industry knowledge and expertise makes her uniquely versatile and informed. With knowledge comes options - and a more evolved and creative way of thinking.

Leslie separates herself by actually having the ability to manage the process of simple and complex transactions from start to close. She capitalizes on her capabilities by being actively engaged in each transaction and proactive in anticipating and resolving issues.



We give back because it teaches us to find compassion within ourselves and to stay attached to values that are linked to the common good.

- Gandhi
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, San Diego/Hawaii Chapter

The Value of a Partnership

We work to build meaningful relationships with our customers, and function as a highly engaged extension of their business. Our end goal is to make property ownership a smooth, rewarding, and empowering experience.

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